sâmbătă, 20 august 2016

The best real estate virtual tours software

It has been a couple of months since my last thests with software solutions that I need to implement in my company and this week I have started already testing a real estate virtual tours software solution that I have found online - in fact I have found it in a forum related to software development, where some smart guis were perplexed by the complexity and at the same time at the ease of use of a certain software solution, TourWizard.

And the funny thing is that I am in great need of a virtual tour builder, a software that would help my real estate company to transfer easily in a digital format all of our property listings, all the apartments and villas that we are selling as well.

And on monday I have decided to give Tour Wizard a try and I really have to say that I was impressed with the featured offered, with the attention on the details, on all the features that were implemented, features that are really help full from a sales person point of view as they have a lot of marketing tips and tricks in there.

So... to be honest I would not believed for a second that I would find a software solution that would have teach me how to do online marketing for my company, but it seems that now days we are learning from everywhere, even from software solutions created to give us a hand.

So... to conclude this story... I have to say that I was really impresseed by Tour Wizard and decided to purchase the best plan that I would be able to use and at the same time I have pushed all my employees in using it, as it brings a lot of value to oru company due to the fact that it tackles the online world in a very impacting way.

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